How to make your own vape coil


There are 2 ways that can be used to make your own coil. Meanwhile, check out how to Turn Wax into E liquid.

1. How to Manually Make Coil Vapor Coils:

What is meant by a manual method to make a coil here is how to manually create a coil without using tools. That is enough by using a screwdriver. The steps that must be taken are the first to hold the precision screwdriver first using the right hand, then use the thumb to press the wire.

Rotate the wire by following the clockwise direction slightly. Turn the wire clockwise while doing the coil, usually 5 to 6 turns. Pull the foot of the coil using the pliers to tighten it. Leave the wire on the coil leg 1 to 2 cm to make it easier to install the coil. Cut the remaining wire and attach it to the atomizer.

2. How to Roll / Coil the Wire Vapor with a Coil Master:

If the first method is to make a coil without using tools, then the second method uses a tool called coil master. Coil masters are now widely traded online on the market. In essence, making the coil manually or using is the same and only has a little difference. The step you need to do is insert the wire in the small hole located at the end of the coil master.

Then attach the coil master cover. Use the thumb to press the wire and then turn it clockwise. After that, you only need to calculate the number of turns on the desired wire, after finishing opening the coil cover and pull the wire using a screwdriver. Unplug or remove the coil from the master coil and the last thing to do is cut the wire legs. By using a coil master tool, it is expected that rolling the coil will become easier and neater the results.