Why Stress Can Give You Positive Effect

Do you need to meet the professional at djursland-psykologen.dk? Too much stress can indeed have negative health effects, such as weight gain, or depression. However, we focus too often on ways to deal with stress at work, relationships with partners, or in the family, so that stress eventually feels normal. As long as we live, we must face the stress. However, if you look at stress in a different way, it will actually make us healthier, happier, and encourage us to be better.

Have you ever heard of people who feel they can work better when under pressure? Generally, they are people who work in the creative field. If our minds are truly calm and relaxed, there is no reason to look at things differently. We tend to feel there is an increase in stress when we go through a new path because change is often associated with new pressure. Your creative output feels scary because it’s different for you, and you don’t know how to respond to others.