Bar Stools Have Different Types with Different Basic Materials


Interior design is progressing. People are freer to express their creativity. Interior design is not rigid, so everyone has the opportunity to pour it. Likewise with a minimalist home interior design. Minimalist home requires a unique design so that the room does not look narrow and gloomy. The choice of colors and placement of light is very much considered. The furniture used must also adjust to make it look spacious. One place that is often the attraction of a minimalist home is the kitchen.

Modern kitchens now use minibars to save space. The mini bar is not complete without bar stools. For those of you who plan to make mini bars in the kitchen, you have to understand what furniture is inside, including bar stools. This time, we will list the best bar stools for kitchen island:

– Isabella Orange Leather Counter Chair
This one seat seems rather old-fashioned. Behind the soft leather layer, this chair feels comfortable to sit on. Isabella Counter Chair is usually designed with bright colors that attract attention, suitable for you who are energetic and like a bright room.

– Lucia Bar Stools
Do you like stylish bar stools? Maybe Lucia Bar Stools can be your choice. Lucia Bar Stool comes with a light colored plastic holder and backrest to make you more comfortable. The modern nuance that was carried was felt through metal black metal on its four legs. Not only is it suitable to be placed near the bar table, this chair is also suitable for you to put in the kitchen.

– Weldon Backless Bar Stool
The minimalist and simple design makes many people like this one bar chair. The colors offered by the Stool Bar Stool are quite striking. There are red, yellow and other colors that make the aluminum material shiny. Besides being attractive, this bar stool is very fitting to be an icon of modern accents in your home.