This Is What Doctor Will Do When You Check Diarrhea

When you feel diarrhea for a short period of time or even for a long time, it will be very important for you to know cara mengatasi diare. by coping with right diarrhea, you can handle diarrhea that you feel in a good way and in accordance with the discomfort caused by diarrhea you feel.

Usually, when you go to the doctor due to a feeling of diarrhea that makes you uncomfortable, the doctor will ask you to submit the stool sample for analysis. This aims to identify possible infections. This analysis is done if you have had diarrhea for more than two weeks, there is blood or pus in the stool. In addition, this examination also needs to be done if you have diarrhea after being hospitalized or because of a weak immune system (HIV sufferers).
This is done to find out more about the symptoms or causes of diarrhea that you experience. Because diarrhea is a type of disease that you cannot underestimate.